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I grew up in the city of Nasik, very close to Mumbai in India. Both my parents being doctors, growing up, it was easy for me to not choose medicine as a field of study. It is super difficult. But the one thing about their work that stuck with me was – doing good for people. With a natural inclination towards digital technology and building things to make life easy, I studied Computer Science as my undergraduate degree. But it was only during the two years of working as a front-end developer after graduating, that I realized something about myself – I wanted to solve problems for people. After a fair bit of research, I decided to learn how to design digital interfaces. What happened next was a master’s program in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan. 2 years here, helped me build a solid foundation in User Experience design. Since then, I have been thinking, reading, writing, and talking about design. I love my work, because I think I am doing good for people.

I currently live and work in Seattle, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in / been to. This place has made me fall in love with coffee, nature, and people. So if you are around and want to talk about life and design, let’s go to that cafe round the corner.

When I am not designing, I am playing Chess. To me, Chess and UX design are quite similar. A Chess player must be creative within the constraints of the 64 squares, exactly how a UX designer is within the constraints of user needs and business goals. A solid strategy ensures a win. Similarly a reliable UX strategy ensures a good product.

When I am not playing chess, I am dabbling with my camera. I hate flash and love ambient, natural light. Expressions have a lot of meaning. I am always striving hard to capture that one expression which will tell an interesting story! Here are some of them.



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