B2B E-Commerce Platform (Chemical industry)

For a very large chemical company, that has been operating for decades, transitioning from traditional methods of transaction to more modern, online systems was a big challenge. It was not only about building an e-commerce website but also about planting a seed of good design. Together with the client we laid the foundation for a robust B2B E-commerce system.<br/>

<br/>I was able to demonstrate to the client the importance of Usability studies, qualitative research, and visual QA with the help of an iterative design process. This design process was not only adopted by them, but it also built a culture of user-centered design. Together, we created a responsive E-commerce platform, that converted all manual / phone transactions for the customers to easily manageable online transactions. <br/>

<br/>This is one of my favorite projects for several reasons. I’d like to take you on a more detailed journey. If you would like to know more about this project, kindly reach out to me at rohanjm@umich.edu. This project was done at Deloitte Digital and is protected under NDA.